Whole Scottish Woodpigeon (oven ready)

Whole Scottish Woodpigeon (oven ready)

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(1 serving, Approx 250g)


Often considered more tender and moist than many other poultry, our wild wood pigeons are graded to make sure you only get the best. A quick 15 minute roast will do the trick with this little versatile bird.


*May contain traces of lead shot

Sold fresh unless stated otherwise


  • Packaging Information

    Your meat order is kept cool in transit because we use a sealed temperature controlled box that is leak-proof and sturdy.

    To keep your delivery cool, it is packed along with specially designed ice packs, which keeps the meat at the correct temperature for up to 48 hours. 

  • Shipping & Delivery Cost

    Our Next Day delivery prices are based on weight and are fully trackable:
    0 to 5kg = £6
    5kg to 20kg = £10
    20kg > = £15



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